Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I received this from a friend two years ago, and have read and reread it, attempting to make the fasts and feasts my own. It obviously is a path for life, not just for Lent. I posted it last year during Lent, but I would like to share it with you again. I do not know where it is from, or who the author is, but it was given to me by my friend Nina.

LENT - Path of Blessing

Fast from pessimism; feast on optimism.
Fast from criticism; feast on praise.
Fast from self-pity; feast on joy.
Fast from bitterness; feast on forgiveness.
Fast from idle gossip; feast on purposeful silence.
Fast from jealousy; feast on love.
Fast from discouragement; feast on hope.
Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation.
Fast from selfishness; feast on service.
Fast from fear; feast on faith.
Fast from anger; feast on patience.
Fast from self-concern; feast on compassion for others.
Fast from discontent; feast on gratitude.

Aren't they beautiful suggestions? Oh, what an improvement we would find in our day to day living if we could only follow these fasts and feasts. Once again, I will attempt to follow them closer.


adria matos said...

I am preparing a children's sermon for Sunday. It is the season of Lent. I thought of making homemade fortune cookies and placing these fast and feast affirmations inside. let children pass some out in the congregation. this is a time of fasting and feasting. moving away from the negitive and moving toward being more Christ like. Thank you for this Lental blessing. I really like it. happy fasting and feasting

adria matos said...

Oh yes and give the instructions to fast from the cookie and feast on what is inside.