Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have finished unpacking and organizing two of our rooms, the bedroom and the livingroom. The dining room and kitchen and bathroom are just about finished. The rest of my time will be spent in the spare room, which at this point is a mess! Here are a couple of photos of the completed rooms.

Kind of a dark one
Note the three pictures on the shelf. They are watercolor prints that I bought in Peggy's cove, Nova Scotia this past summer. I picked the blue in the sky and water as the color to use in the room, with cream and black.
The living room below is based on our prints by Terry Redlin and Jim Hensel. Up north, cabin, lodge looking furniture and accessories.

And of course my Nonny chair!
We think it is quite comfortable and you are invited to come, sit, have a cup of coffee, and a nice long visit. Oh, there is one change......the coffee table now contains a vase of pink, cream and yellow flowers, a gift from my valentine!


Anonymous said...

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Linda up north said...

Oh these rooms are lovely~ How I wish I had that Nonny chair... and that the people I live with weren't so messy!

Sage said...

Linda, you didn't see my house when we had the gang at home! And you have twice as many kids as we had, so your place can be twice as messy. The time comes too soon when the house is too quiet and not messy enough. Miss the days of the noise and commotion! ~marge~

Paula said...

Wow, your new place looks so warm and inviting. I may run away and come spend a few hours with you!

Thanks for letting me know about The Secret Life of Bees. I will keep going with it and let you know what I think when I'm all done.

I hope you have a good book for your time with Kari in the hospital. I'll be praying for you both while she is recuperating.