Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have been working in the sewing room today.  I have 32 stacks of 4 blocks each that will get put together into pinwheels like I've shown on the right edge of the table.  Normally I despise putting together right triangle squares, but these were so easy!  Do you know the easy way to make them?  You put two 10 inch squares together right side to right side and you sew them together with a quarter of an inch seam all around all four sides.  Then you slice them on the diagonal, flip open and press.  You have four identical pieces to put together into the pinwheels!  No stretching of bias edges!  So easy.  I think I'll have to find a solid piece for sashings and borders because the prints are pretty busy.  The fabric collection is Charlevoix = Summer.... Beach....Rural Americana...1910-1935 by Polly Minick & Lauri Simpson.

Have I told you lately that I love my Big Brother sewing machine?  Absolutely in love with it!  Oh, and I love my little brother, too.  My flesh and blood brother.  He had a little heart problem this past week, and ended up in the hospital.  Now mind you, this is my brother who has never drank, never smoked, has always been very active, excellent health.........and he ended up with a racing heart beat.  He is home now, is on 3 medications, and feeling better according to his wife.  I sure hope it's not going to be a lasting problem.  He's too young, just 61.  We have a sibling get together scheduled for Saturday, so we are all hoping he is fine and will be able to attend.

One year ago today  we flew to Anchorage for  my dear sister-in-law's funeral.  We sure miss her.  I've been thinking of my brother-in-law and the three kids and the grandkids all during the Christmas holiday.  I can imagine that's it's been so hard for them to celebrate without her.  We did go down to Seldovia to   spend some time with Chris and Amy before we headed north to visit The Great One,   our first time visiting her in the winter.  She was beautiful!

And Minnesota is still without snow this year.  The whole state is brown.....very strange for the last couple of days in December!  But the longer it stays void of snow, the shorter the time until spring will be here!


Jeanne said...

Your pictures of Mt. McKinley are amazing!
Hope your brother's heart problem is not a serious one. I agree - 61 is young!
Happy New Year!

Russell said...

No snow in Iowa either. Very unusual winter. Temps in the 50s today (Thursday).

I've been away from blogging for some time but back now. I enjoyed hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Take care.

linda said...

yikes hope the health problems go away fast. those are always the scariest ones. no snow ? wow, it's been in the 70's here with no rain but the temps aren't that weird...we do need some rain tho and a little snow in the Sierras is always good..son and his wife were up there skiing and the whole place was covered...blown on all night with snow blowers and the man-made kind. ;)

happy new year, sweet marge...your quilt is beautiful and yep, i do know your trick tho it's been many years ago for me. painting is now my thing tho i think it all started with material. xxoo