Friday, December 02, 2011


Another beautiful Minnesota morning.
Shortly after the sun arose, I spied Mr. Hawk up in the tree to the south of our yard.
He seemed to be stalking the little sparrows that I was also stalking...........
Our yard is now over run with the little buggers, but they are so cute!

We are expecting a little snow this weekend.  So far we've only had a dusting, which frustrates the hubby as he has a big snowblower that he wants to try out.  He'll be tired of using it by the end of winter, I'm sure.


Psycho Mom said...

I just love your pictures. Such a testimony to the Lord's beauty!

Marge said...

Thanks Psycho Mom! And the next time you sisters come to our town to see my daughter, you should invite me too! I'd love to meet you all!