Saturday, December 03, 2011


This morning we made a trip to town, all of 5 miles you know, and got a few supplies.  Then I decided we needed a couple of things from the food co-op which is about 12 miles from here, so we ran over there, too.  We also had lunch there at their little hot food bar and deli.  Nummy!  Hubby had their wonderful mushroom soup, which I don't eat anymore because it contains flour, but I remember it fondly!  I picked up some dried apricots and dried cherries, and a few other things before we headed back home. 

This is the reason I wanted the apricots.  I had found a wonderful sounding recipe for gluten free scones and decided I needed to make them.  Today.  And the rack below with 8 scones cooling, now only contains 7 scones.  We decided to try one, and they are wonderful!  I will certainly be making that recipe again!

Hubby is pacing the floor like an expectant father.  Back and forth, front window, back window, over and over again.  He is so anxious for the promised snow.  It's been flaking for an hour or so now, but it is no where near the amount that he is praying for.  You see, earlier this fall he bought his first ever snowblower on Craig's List, and he is beside himself with the anticipation of starting it up and clearing our driveway.  And the neighbor's driveway on the left.  And the neighbor's driveway across the street.  And the street itself, most likely!  And he ordered new long johns from Amazon so he would be prepared.  (It's 33 degrees right now, not cold at all!)  And he recently bought a new cap with furry ear flaps.  He is ready!  See the big orange beast he is hoping to use tonight?
And I am sorry to tell him that we don't even have an inch yet!  It's just starting to cover the ground!
I'm afraid he has a long wait ahead of him!

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DynamicDuo said...

my hubby and girls are waiting for the snow to pile up as well, so am I. Hubby bought a used snowmobile that they are going to use tomorrow no matter what the amount of snow is! I want the snow because it seems to bring peace...