Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yes, I'm scared.  Do you quilters ever get scared to cut into your fabric?  Are you ever a bit nervous to take apart the charm pack or layer cake or jelly roll, mess it up, get the fabrics out of order, and start a project?  Do you agonize over a pattern, wondering if the chosen fabrics will look right or not?  Well, I do all of the above.  And that's where I am right now.  This fabric line by Camille Roskelly is probably my favorite ever fabric line, and I don't want to mess it up!  It's full of the beautiful reds, pinks and aquas that she seems to favor, and i absolutely love the combinations she has come up with.  But, I am scared to death to commit to a project.
But this is my thought at the present time.  It will probably change  by morning, but right now this is what I am thinking.  I would like to make this table topper pattern, into a quilt.  Coming Home is from her book Simplify.  She shows it here made out of her line, Cotton Blossoms.
I also made it out of this line, Cotton Blossoms, but I used some of the lighter colored prints vs the darker ones she used.  I absolutely love it!

Now, the question is:  Can I make that table topper about 4 times the size that it is here, so it will be quilt size?  And do you think it would look good in the Ruby line?  I need to get at this because Camille has a new line coming out this spring or early summer, and it looks like it will become my newest favorite so I'd best get this one done first!

And on another totally different subject, I found a recipe for dinner rolls or small buns that I think will become a weekly baking project around here.  I used a recipe from a new cookbook,Gluten Free on a Shoestring  and replaced the gluten free flour called for with the flour mix that I use for most everything, found here in the  Cooking for Isaiah  cookbook.  I think it worked very well.  I can see using these rolls or small buns for chicken salad sandwiches, Alaskan salmon sandwiches, or maybe small sloppy joes. 
The taste and texture is very similar to the regular texture you find in a white dinner roll, or a small bun.  I don't know if you can make them large enough for hamburger buns or not, but I'll be trying that the next time I make them.  I do know that they tasted very good with the big pot of vegetable beef soup that I made for supper tonight.  And I have a couple of quarts of soup for the freezer, too!  Yay me!


linda said...

i have that cookbook and my dil swears by the gf mix. i too am doing a variation without the potato starch. it's turning out well, much better than sorghum, oat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, and my mind is now numb thinking of them all. i am near to dropping my x.gum tho thinking i don't need it with eggs in a recipe. i keep reading so many blogs where it simply isn't needed and one can always stir up that 'slurry' of flax or chia seeds. or use a bit of b. powder.

anyway i always love to see what you've come up with and these look fabulous. i am currently working on a sandwich style bread-roll dough too and think i am close. i am also wanting to perfect my pizza dough. i do miss it but the isaiah has a wonderful garlic sauce and i found a CF soy many limitations it is completely overwhelming at times! nightshades are the worst for me! i spent all morning with dh making bean pasta soup with greens, onions and 24 garlic cloves among other things...lucky dh helps me or i think i would just starve. ;)

i do this with new paint, btw. it does absolutely nothing in the tube but i hate to begin to waste it as i most always do! i like craig's too, sold my car that way ... almost. xoxoxox

Marge said...

Linda my friend, We love the Isaiah pizza crust, and I usually make up six to have in the freezer to pull out when needed. I also make pizza sauce and freeze it in little containers of one little pizza's worth of sauce! Then I just add the goodies. My goodies do include cheese as I'm not doing the CF! I would really have a hard time with CF, I think! No, I know! The Isaiah's garlic sauce is very good! My grandson makes that all the time! Hope you are doing well. Post some more photos of that beautiful puppy! Hugs and blessings.........