Friday, December 23, 2011


This photo is an antique!  It was taken at Christmas time, 58 years ago, in a parsonage down in northeastern Iowa.  The lovely children are:  sister Ruth, baby sister Lois, sister Betsy, brother Paul, and me!  Aren't we cute?  Isn't the wall paper great?  The dark color was green, with the creamy or white leaves.  Paul is holding a truck or jeep, Lois is holding her little doll, and we other three sisters, in matching red pajamas, are holding our identical plastic or rubber molded hair dolls.  I guess that was a good idea, however, as when we got a doll with "real" hair, it soon got a new hairdo, a hair cut, or we baptized them so often that their hair just got moldy or fell out!  Being preachers kids, we played church often, and held many baptism services!  Please excuse the glaring spots..... my copier doesn't work so I took a picture of my picture, and it glared on me.

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