Thursday, December 01, 2011


 Something about those winter sunrises.  I could post a new photo everyday.

Okay my friends, I'll come clean.  I am right here, at home, in the kitchen cooking, or in the sewing room sewing, or in the living room decorating, or in the laundry room doing what people do in the laundry room.  I just have had nothing exciting to share with you so I have kept my mouth shut.  Good plan, uh?

Bread has been made, and pizza crusts are in the freezer, waiting for some sauce (also in the freezer) and pepperoni or sausage and a little cheese.  Yesterday's meals all came from the freezer, too.  I pulled out tomato soup for lunch, and some spaghetti sauce for an early dinner before we headed to church for Advent services.  I like the feeling of having easy meals frozen so that at any time I can go on strike and refuse to cook!

The tree is up.  Nothing fabulous, but then, that isn't what Christmas is all about, is it.  I have my village up for the first time since 2005, when we still lived in the big house.  Our Christmas season for two years was spent in an RV, so there were no elaborate decorations, and then the past three years we were in an apartment which also had little decorating space.  The patio home we purchased this past summer is larger, but space is still limited, but I found space to display my Dicken's village.  If I get some decent light one of these days I may take a few photos.  I put the four snowman plates, and four coffee mugs in the hutch, and as soon as I put up the manger set I'll be finished with the decorating.  Stuff just isn't at the top of my list anymore!

I've spent a few hours in the sewing corner of the guest room, too.  Daughter Gail has a small fake fireplace and she wanted a stocking to hang from the mantle, so I made her one.  Then I have a couple of birthday gifts that are needed for this month, so I've been busy creating them.  Last night I cut out strips for a table runner for myself, so it's back into the sewing corner again today.

And the laundry?  Well, that's what laundry rooms are for!  It can stay stacked up in there until I get ready to tackle it again.

So now you know where I've been this past week.  Not traveling, not sick in bed, not even in the mall (NEVER!).  Just enjoying my home, and staying in my jammies yesterday until I took a shower at three in the afternoon to get ready for Advent services.  It's been a good week.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

At least you have a tree up. Mine is still in the box, and I plan on leaving it there until
I get the quilt out of the frame and out of the lving room. My fingers look like they have been put through a meat grinder. But I am pushing ahead!

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear you had a good week.
I agree about the "stuff" not being important anymore! Every year I seem to simplify my decorating. I spent one afternoon decorating our little tree and putting out a few things and I think that will be it for this year. Lots of more important and fun things to do than putting out a lot of stuff that will have to go back into the attic in a few short weeks!

Paxie said...

I'm in agreement. Simple is so much easier and leaves more time for doing things for loved ones. You been busy doing great things! Better than blogging sometimes :)

I'm not blogging or doing anything LOL