Sunday, January 02, 2011


To all my Minnesota family and friends: Move to Seldovia, Alaska.  There is very little snow!
The first view of the harbor as you come in to the ferry dock.

This is the Tustumena, the ferry we took from Homer to Seldovia.  This is the same ship we've taken before, once in 2006 when we had a big truck and a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer, and then again in 2009 with the truck and the smaller trailer.  This time we have a little rental car!

Looking down the shore from our building......this is almost the whole town.

The view out the window of our room, the beautiful Russian Orthodox Church on the little hill.

This is the street view as opposed to the view on the other side of the buildings along the shore that I showed in the earlier picture.  Notice the dark spot in the tree?
This would be Mr. Eagle.  Isn't he gorgeous?  Love those eagles!


Paxie said...

Love photos of Alaskan little towns. Reminds me so much of the coast of Maine. I'd love to live there if it was about 80 degrees year round!!

Marge said...

Paxie - Forty degrees in the first week of January isn't bad either!

AKBrady said...

Very little snow then. This is an odd winter. It's usually a few feet over there by now. Love Seldovia. I'd move there in a second.