Saturday, January 15, 2011


Lest you think I am a frozen mammoth, encased in ice for the next thousand years, I thought I should update this blog.  I left you on Monday after our ride through the crystal tundra of Dr. Zhivago, and you may think I didn't return!

Well, not to fear!  We are back in Minnesota, where it is just as white, and just as cold, just not as beautiful!  Our trip home started early on Tuesday morning when we wakened at 2:30, left for the airport an hour later, turned in the rental car, and made it through security by 4:30.  We then had breakfast before we boarded as the package of three soy nuts and one pretzel ring that you receive in flight wasn't going to do it for us!  We had an uneventful flight to Seattle, where we had lunch while waiting for the next leg of our journey home.  Wonder of wonders, we landed in Minneapolis a half an hour early, and because we had only carry on bags, we decided to race for the 6 pm shuttle rather than wait for the 7:30 one we were booked on.  We were originally supposed to land at 5:50 and would never have made the earlier shuttle, but because of the apparent speeding of the plane, we made it!  So we were home by 7:30, were picked up by super SIL, and delivered to our doorstep shortly after 8.  It was a long day, but uneventful thank goodness, and we slept in our own bed Tuesday night.

Since then I've been trying unsuccessfully to catch up!  Still have one more load of laundry, still have mail to go through, still have stuff to put away.  I love to travel, but dislike the mess when you unload!

Today I am trying the bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and will let you know the results.  Looking good so far!  And I have a pot of chicken soup bubbling away on the stove, hoping it will somehow overshadow the outdoor temps in the single digits!  We had more snow last night, and more coming tomorrow, and again next week.  This is the winter of snow every other day, and it's getting old!


Lena . . . said...

The gray, dreary sky every day is getting old too. I can deal with the sub zero temps because usually the sun at least shines when it's that cold and it doesn't snow.

Paxie said...

Welcome home :) I'm thinking you never get cabin fever? I think I have it now LOL

Soup sounds good!

Anonymous said...

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Linda up north said...

Your Alaska pictures are just wonderful! The Old Guy and I are contemplating a 35th Anniversary Cruise to AK this Spring or Fall, along with a land tour. I am wondering, though... perhaps i would be just as happy to sit in your son's little village for a month or so? :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I just ordered that bread book yesterday off of, so do you like it?