Sunday, January 02, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!  I know it's warmer up here in Homer, Alaska than it is back home in Minnesota!  It's raining and there are sloppy puddles all over the parking lot of this little motel.  I think it was 37 at 7 am!  Oh, there are also moose hoof prints in the parking lot.  Speaking of this motel, I am chuckling at the art on the wall.  On the side wall there is a poster of a man and a woman with six or seven huge halibut!  And in the center of the wall over the bed is a lovely photo of a grizzly bear with a salmon in his mouth!  The room is very clean and warm, has a comfy bed, and to top it off it has a view of the Homer spit!  We will definitely stay here again on our way back.

This morning, after breakfast, we will board the Tustamena, a ship of the Alaska  Marine Highway System,  and head over to Seldovia for a few days with Chris and Amy before returning on Thursday and spending a few more days in Anchorage, a 5 hour drive to the north.  Goodness, I've been here  four full days already and I've not had my halibut!  I'm going to have to remedy that shortly!

I've seen that many have been posting resolutions or goals for the year.  I will not do so because I will break them before I can hit publish!  However, my emphasis for the year is FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS.  And maybe to eat less, exercise more, and most certainly, drink more coffee!

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Lena . . . said...

Faith, family and friends. I love it. May I adopt that for my new year also? BTW - I KNOW we're moving to Alaska - you poor thing - you've missed a huge, nasty, double-backed blizzard.