Monday, January 03, 2011


It is pretty dark out at 8:30 am when we headed out to the coffee shop for a nice Americano!  The light is just beginning to show over the mountains across the harbor.
A bit later, after it was fully light, we went to Outside Beach.  I love the ocean!  It was a bit cold, and it was raining, but nothing could stop me from taking a walk on the beach.
In the photo below you see the scene that we saw from our campsite on the hill above the beach when we were campground hosts up here, two different summers.

These colorful places below are on the boardwalk, or what is left of the boardwalk after the big 1964 earthquake.  The first time I was over here, in 2002 or 2003 I believe,  I stayed in that aqua cottage for a few days. 
This is the boardwalk in the other direction.  That is a B&B on the right side.
And below is the scene from our room overlooking the main street.  Notice the eagle keeping watch over everything!  He's been there most of the day.
And it has been raining all day.  I have gone out three times, and I have gotten wet three times!


DynamicDuo said...

green with envy - no make that evergreen!

Marge said...

Dynamic Duo - If I think of you while I'm out and about, will that help the envy? I love this little village and the people, and the scenery isn't bad either!