Friday, January 28, 2011


Tentative plans are made.  Or should I say that hubby has made plans and told me what we are going to do!  That's okay.  He does all the driving when we're pulling the trailer, so I guess he gets to make the plans!  We think we will be able to leave for our Arizona trip next Wednesday.  We can't go on Monday, as I have a hair appointment, and we all know that women do not give up their hair cut appointments for just any old reason, even going to Arizona.  I have been going to the same sweet Amy for so many years that I could not imagine going elsewhere unless I was very desperate.   Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.  We can't leave Monday because I have a hair appointment.

And we can't leave Tuesday because I want to go to one more Tuesday morning Bible study before leaving.  We are studying Isaiah, and I am finding it very interesting, and so applicable to today's world.  I am going to miss the study and the girls so much.  So I have to attend one more before we leave!

I guess that means we can try for Wednesday!  All we need for our daily living is in the trailer already, the sheets, blankets, towels, dishes, etc.  I need to pack the cast iron skillets and a few other things that I don't have duplicates of to leave packed, but there isn't really a lot I have to worry about.  We'll load our clothes and the personal items we need, the computers, the cameras, and my Nook, and we will be able to take off.

Our first night out we will stop at the AFB in Omaha where we have stayed before.  The fun thing this time will be that we are going to contact our niece and her husband who live there, and we hope to meet them for dinner.  We have a young man from our church that we want to visit at his AFB in New Mexico before we head to Tucson where we will call the base there our home during our stay in Arizona.  We have friends and relatives in Tucson, Mesa, Phoenix and the surrounding area, so we shouldn't get too lonesome, although I always miss the kids and grandkids.

The best part is that you are all invited to go with us!  The camera and computer are working well, so you know I will be sharing with you.  So toss the boots and parkas, and pack the sandals and T-shirts.  We're going to Arizona!  SUNSHINE!


Lena . . . said...

I'm sure I can have everything arranged by Wednesday morning so I can go with you!! My cabin fever is so bad that I told a friend yesterday that I would even go and play bingo with her on Saturday afternoon. I like to play bingo, but the room gets so full of cigarette smoke I feel hung over when I'm done playing. Ole told me I must really need to get out of Dodge if I'm willing to go play bingo at THAT facility.

Marge said...

That's how I feel about bingo facilities, too! But you have to get out sometime. Okay, I'll keep the back bunk cleared out and that can be your spot, okay? Glad to hear you can make it!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun trip! and you guys need to bask in some warm weather for a change. Have a safe trip.

I completely understand about not wanting to miss the hair appointment! LOL

Paxie said...

I think I'm looking forward to your trip as much as you are! I also can't agree with you more about the hair appointment!!

If I hadn't gotten divorced after 20 years, we'd be doing the same thing!