Wednesday, January 05, 2011


After two rainy days, God blessed us with sunshine, blue skies, and 37 degrees yesterday!   We had to do something special to take advantage of those blessings, so our son Chris decided to put his boat back into the water and to take his dad fishing.
Of course the mom had to tag along with the camera hanging around her neck. The water was smooth as glass as we loaded the boat to take off for the channel where we hoped to catch a winter king salmon.  Or a cod.  Or a halibut.  We didn't care which.

The ferry was coming in on its Tuesday run as we headed out.  This is the ferry we will take back to Homer tomorrow when our stay in Seldovia comes to an end.
We had some clouds, some sun, and beautiful liquid silver water.

Way across the water, on the far shoreline, are the volcanos Mt. Illiamna and St. Augustine.  Further up is Mt. Redoubt, and these are all active volcanos.  It was  just a year or two ago when Augustine was spouting off and dropping ash on the countryside.
We trolled for a couple of hours, but the fish were ellusive. 

The scenery is not equaled anywhere I've been................
..........and this little guy sees it all the time!  Isn't he lucky?

We headed back to the harbor with no fish in the boat, but do I care?  Nope!  It was a beautiful, quiet, relaxing fishing trip.....and just a bit cold...but the scenery makes up for that!  What a wonderful world we live in!

Our God is an awesome God!


Lena . . . said...

How beautiful.

Jeanne said...

What beautiful pictures! And 37 degrees - that must be like a heat wave for Alaska.

Marge said...

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous, Lena? I'm guessing you have a pretty white landscape about now!

Jeanne, it's warm for January, but this area is actually pretty mild compared to the interior, or the plains of Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

how can anyone question Gods existence when you see scenery like this??? It is just breathtaking..

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog, and it's like comfort food :) (even though a lot of it is about food!)
You decided to fly to Alaska this time? Beautiful pictures!

AKBrady said...

Howdy: I just started reading your lovely blog via another blog friend's blog friend (such is our blog world, eh?). At any rate, I live in Anchorage and am a family travel writer, which is why the photos of Homer caught my attention. Lovely. Do check out my blog . How long will you be in AK? Winter is great up here.

Anonymous said...

It was great that you guys had a chance to get out there and experience the landscape firsthand. There isn't anything like a family fishing trip, especially in a place so beautiful! I'd love to take an Alaskan trip like that with my boys, but I think we'll just have to stick to ice fishing (with our 1500 Watt Heater to fight off the cold of course). These are some really lovely shots by the way, can't wait to see more :D.