Thursday, December 30, 2010


Alaska in the winter is breathtaking!  On the plane Tuesday, I got a few shots as we flew over the Prince William Sound area, and then over Girdwood and into Anchorage.  I hope to get to a coffee shop today where I will have a stronger signal so I can post some pictures taken at 20,000 feet.

This is the first view of the mountains as we came out of the clouds into the sunshine.

Over the Girdwood area

Girdwood area again
The ice on Turnagain Arm as you come into Anchorage.  All I could think of is that it would be cold if you misjudged the runway!!
The sun is low in the sky at 2:30


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!! those Alaska nights are pretty long though..

Kari said...

I'm glad you were able to post some pictures! Keep them coming...and hug everyone for me!

Paxie Panicker said...

Wow...absolutely gorgeous!! Brrrrrrrr

DynamicDuo said...

I lived in Girdwood and absolutely loved it. Drove to Anchorage for work everyday along the arm.... hmmm I really miss it! When I retire and am able that is where you'll find me, tucked away in the landscape with a greenhouse and an art studio just loving what is outside my window. The sunshine didn't seem to effect those of us from the midwest as much as the southerner's ;0) we adapt much better they say. Blessing to your family during this time and may the Beauty of God's work bring peace to your hearts.

Linda up north said...

Beautiful pictures...