Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm guessing that you, my dear peeps, are getting tired of all the Minnesota blizzard stories.  Well, guess what?  So are we!  The only news on the TV stations is weather related.  There is a constant crawler running across the bottom of the screen, giving all the cancellations and closings.  And in the lower left corner of the screen that has the station call letters, there is also a zero.  Yup, a zero.  That's the current temperature.  It may reach 2 above in the heat of the day.  And if you factor in the wind chill, we're talking 20-25 below.

This beautiful snow sculpture is in our back yard.

And the voice of the snowblower is heard in the land. 
Ernie has a tiny snowblower that he bought on Ebay.  It takes him three times as long as any of the neighbors to blow out our driveway.  Fortunately our neighbors across the street felt sorry for him, and they said they'd bring over their big truck plow and finish up.  A foot of new snow with winds of over 30 MPH can create some huge hard packed drifts, so the big plow is a welcome relief for the old man who spends most of his days in his recliner or in front of his computer!

The biggest news to come out of this storm is that the Metrodome has collapsed and the Vikings will not be playing the Giants today.  Guess Farve doesn't have to decide if he wants to play or not, the game is canceled.


Anonymous said...

Marge, I love this "And the voice of the snowblower is heard in the land."

Belated Happy Birthday to you from a reader who always enjoys stopping by your blog to see photos, whether there's a blizzard in Minnesota or not.


Marge said...

Thank you April! It's always an adventure to live in Minnesota. We are blessed with tornados in the summer and blizzards in the winter!

Have a blessed Christmas season!