Friday, December 24, 2010


We woke up to a big surprise this morning.  It's snowing!  I think we just might have a white Christmas!

I poked my head out the door at six to see what the conditions were.  I'm guessing we have about 4 inches of new snow so far.  They're saying we'll most likely have a record amount of inches on the ground for Christmas, the record for the snowiest December ever, and who knows what other records .  I believe this is our eighth snow storm since November first.  Know what?  I love it!  I love the new fallen snow.  It's March when I don't like it....when it's hard, and chunky, and dirty, and ugly.  This is beautiful!  And I especially love it to be snowing on Christmas Eve!
I also love blue lights on Christmas trees shining on the white snow at six am!

My blog lately has contained only snow and food reports!  Here's more food for ya!  On Wednesday we motored up to our brother and SIL's place.  (I love old newspaper reports that always say so and so 'motored' to such and such a place!)  We had our sibling Christmas party and celebrated the retirement of our baby brother!  I cracked up when I looked at my pictures of the event.  Way back in the left hand corner of the counter is a pan of egg bake.  In front of the green bowl is a plate of fruit and next to it is sweet soup, a Norwegian fruit soup.  The rest of the plates and platters and dishes contain only treats and cookies!  A good and proper brunch, I'd say!
What are your plans for today and tomorrow?  Do you have a large family celebration planned?  Or will you snuggle in quietly at home, just immediate family?  I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so is it just a regular weekend for you?  We will attend 4:30 services at our church and then go to oldest daughter Kari's family celebration.  Tomorrow morning we again attend services at 10 am, and then we'll head to a local motel where I rented a small meeting room......that opens up unto the pool!  The grands will have their choice of pool, wading pool with fountain, or hot tub.  There are tables and chairs around the pools, so adults can supervise without swimming themselves, and the others can sit in the room with the food.  We are dining on  sloppy joes, relishes and dips, cheese and crackers, chips and dips, and cookies and candy.  Oh, and pickled herring.  You have to have pickled herring!   Everyone brings something to contribute to the spread.  I'm guessing there will also be shrimp, venison sausage, and other easy to eat foods.  No sit down meal with silverware and linens and spilled gravy for us!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!  Be happy and be safe.


Norskeneil said...

Marge, Merry Christmas to you and your entire, lovely family. I appreciate all the photos of the snow as my memory of it is fading :) We are having Joanne, her daughter, Jody Murphy & family here for Christmas Day. Will go to church in Mesa tonight. We were going to skype Lori's family today but I understand there is a 2 hour delay on that. Greet the family from Karen & I

Marge said...

Oh, I'm sorry you are forgetting what snow is. I could ship you some to remind you! Sorry we're not coming out this winter.....but I do have Karen's wine to remind me of you guys!!!!! You think I'm saving it? It may go bad, you know!

Merry Christmas. Love you guys!

Norskeneil said...

Now settle down! Don't do anything rash with that wine! We sure wished you guys could have come out to Arizona as planned, it would have been a lot of fun. We may see you in Alaska. Merry Christmas!

Robbin said...

Merry Christmas my dear Friend, I love you and hope your Christmas is perfect.
I'm so joyful to be able to see Haleigh open her presents tomorrow and to spend time with my precious son and his family and to be so grateful for my job and family and friends.

FosterAbba said...

Merry Christmas to you! I hope your time spent with the family was pleasant!