Friday, December 31, 2010


We are just blocks from downtown Anchorage, and pretty close to the airport, but right behind the condo we are staying in there is a small wooded space.  Actually, you find them all over Anchorage.  The snow is about the same as we have in Minnesota, plenty deep, but softer, whiter, and fluffier.

The woods opened up to a beautifully decorated meadow like area.

Have you even seen such beautiful snow decorations?

Wait, what have we here?  A large brown spot!

And another!  It's a mama and a baby moose!

The baby is the size of a horse, so you can imagine the size of the mama!

We left them alone, and they left us alone!  But what a treat to see a moose in downtown Anchorage.
I have more photos but Blogger doesn't like me this morning!  I'll try again later.

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Anonymous said...

I love Moose!! My bil lives in Anchorage, and he says sometimes the moose just walk into their driveway and look around. LOL you dont interrupt them though.

What a winter wonderland!