Friday, December 21, 2007


Only three more sleeps until we will be on our way from San Diego to Minneapolis. I am getting excited. I know Ernie is spending a lot of money to give me my grandkid fix, but I guess he feels it's worth it to keep me from bawling every hour of every day, blubbering that I miss my grandkids. So, Minnesota, here we come! I can't wait.

I still haven't posted pictures of our Wednesday trip to the San Diego Zoo. I've been occupied (see last paragraph about the bawling) and just haven't had the energy or desire to post them. I have a couple of cute ones though, so I will do so, soon.

The guys decided that today we are driving up north of San Diego, to check out our next camp spot at Camp Pendleton. We will move there on January 5, after we return from Minnesota. And, yes Jacob, it's close to Hollywood, and the Hollywood sign on the hill. And if we get close enough to take a picture, yes Jacob, I will take one for you. (See you Christmas Eve, I hear!)

I am in love. For breakfast I often have yogurt, the plain kind, but I haven't found a brand out here that I like. So the other day I bought some of the little containers of flavored yogurt. WOW! The lucerne brand of LOW fat (read HIGH sugar) in the pomegranate raspberry flavor is to die for! With the 42 grams of sugar in the little 8 ounce container, I guess I won't be eating that very often. It doesn't seem right that yogurt, which is really good for you, can be made so unhealthy with the addition of high fructose corn syrup, the ingredient that is making America obese.

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Linda B. said...

We're suppose to get some snow for you this weekend too! I bet you feel like a kid waiting for santa just counting the days. I'm happy you'll get to be together. Have a wonderful time. Love you-