Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We arrived in Minneapolis right on schedule, were able to pick up our rental car at HHH rather than having to go over to Lindberg, and within a couple of hours we were home. After checking into our motel, we went over to Kari's and spent the next few hours in the noise, laughter and love that is Christmas Eve gift opening. Oh, what fun! I am refreshed after having a partial grandkid fix. We saw Kari and Mike's six kids, plus Jacob and Caleb who were spending some time there, plus Katie's Clayton and Aaron's Anna were there. My mom and sister had also been invited, so it was a pretty good sized gathering.
Quote of the evening: Ben said "Oh, grandma, I'm so happy I'm shaking!" when he opened his KINEX building set that his parents gave him.
Sweet Anna loving on her new horse.
Three big kids, Kjirsten, Jacob and Katie are playing Anna's Candyland game. Only they put a different spin on it by playing with game pieces that were perfectly accessorized with
Polly Pocket clothing and purses!

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