Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am sitting up at the laundry room, a cement block room with a cement floor, that sits under a bunch of trees, making it shady all day long. But when it's a cool day, and no sun is reaching the cement, it remains as cold as if it were a giant cooler. And this coming from one who is usually too warm. Anyway, as my four machines approached the almost done mark, I got up from the computer and reading my email, and went to the four dryers, putting a dryer sheet in each one and lining up my quarters on the little ledge so I could start each one right as I threw the clothes in. The first machine stopped and I carried those clothes across the room, loaded them into the dryer, and plugged in the quarters to start the dryer. As I was unloading the second washer, a gentleman, and I use that term loosely, came in and started to put his clothes, already washed I'm assuming, into one of my dryers! I said, "ah, I have that one ready to go for this load" or some such thing, and he barked "YOU NEED ALL FOUR DRYERS?" I quietly said I had used four washers, so I would be needing four dryers. He had the unmitigated gall to put his hands on his hips and stare at me! I backed down. Took my dryer sheet out of HIS dryer and gathered my quarters, mumbling that I supposed I could try to combine my loads. He said not a word to thanks, shoved his quarters into the dryer, and stormed out of the building under my watchful glare. He just came back in as I was starting to write this and said that he was finished and I could now have HIS dryer. I said "no thank you" and continued writing. He left with his few clothes, probably not dry because it's only been about 12 minutes, and went to his RV. I got up to check my loads, and apparently he had opened the wrong dryer when he went to get his things, and the dryer my load was in was stopped! Half dried! And he didn't restart it!

I hope he has a wonderful Christmas. And I hope his clothes weren't dry when he took them out and folded them, and that they will smell moldy when he wears them.

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FAScinated said...

How RUDE! You can use my washer and dryer when you get here! ~Kari