Saturday, December 08, 2007


My niece, Maren, and her husband, Kevin, live in San Diego and have a three year old son named Shane. My sister, the grandmother of Shane, told me I could spoil him while I was here, so that's what today was all about. Maren invited us over for waffles this morning, and we were entertained by Shane while we ate the delicious banana waffles and drank a couple of cups of Maren's excellent coffee. Thanks!
After our breakfast we went to a playground and watched Shane play on the slides and make several new friends with the other kids who were there. The most fun was going down the slide in a train of three kids, then climbing back up on the slide, not the steps.
Shane is a very bright little guy, full of fun, inquisitive and all boy.
Thanks Betsy for letting me borrow him for a day. Hope it's okay if we do it again!


Betsy said...

The next best thing to being there was having you be there in my place. Isn't he a cutie? He will be in Minnesota for Christmas. Can't wait!

FAScinated said...

That is one cute kid! It sounds like you both had fun! ~Kari