Tuesday, December 25, 2007


This grandson, Caleb, managed to dodge the camera most of the evening, but I did get this one of the handsome redhead. Although he isn't as red anymore, and he's a wrestler this year so I probably shouldn't call him handsome anymore. Maybe Bruiser or Crusher or something like that would be more appropriate.
This guy, Jacob, didn't dodge the camera. He and Kjirsten spent the evening posing whenever they saw someone with a camera. They both have star quality, don't you think?
Our youngest son and family were planning to join us today, but their youngest daughter was sick. So, Madison and Jaden, get well soon and we'll have another party! I haven't been able to connect with Chuck's family, nor Gail and her husband yet, but I left messages. We have to plan those get togethers, too. And another granddaughter lives in town, so we definitely want to see her too. Then next weekend we'll head to our oldest son's place up by Minneapolis. Then we'll be close to the airport when we fly out on Monday morning. It just didn't work out for a gathering of the whole family at one time this year. Tomorrow night we are getting together with my siblings, 3 sisters and a brother, and spouses, and our mom. We're going to a nice restaurant for dinner, so no one has to sweat over making another holiday meal.

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