Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm heading to bed very soon, without waiting up for the New Year. We were up very early this morning for our flight back to San Diego and I am beyond tired. We stood in line to check in for over an hour, the line snaking way down the hall before breaking into the actual lines to the counters. Then it was another long wait to get through security. By the time we got to our gate, we had about 10 minutes for a bathroom break before they started the boarding calls, and we were to the airport more than two hours ahead of our flight. Busy place today.

I had several events happen to me today that had me thinking I was going to be ending the year on a sour note. First of all, my computer decided to take a trip down the escalator on it's own, thumpity thump thump thump. Secondly, my new watch, one of those bracelet styles that clip around your wrist, went missing. And thirdly, I bit into a piece of cheese, yes, just plain old cheddar cheese, and a crown on my tooth popped off. The good news is: my computer is fine, no damage at all that we can find. Yay! And my watch, a $7 special from the flea market in Yuma, showed up in the side pocket of my computer bag. Weird, uh? And lastly, I just put my crown back in the opening it came out of, and it's been fine, even eating steak for dinner! Hope your year ended as lucky as mine did.

Well, the ball just dropped in New York, so I guess I can head off to bed now as the New Year has come to the USA. I'm not waiting the three more hours for San Diego's celebration.

May your New Year be filled with peace, joy, health, love, and faith.

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