Sunday, December 23, 2007


I stress, I worry, I stew, I fret. What should I pack, how many shirts should I bring? Maybe I should throw in a couple extra, just in case. Will I need more than this? Do I have enough of that? I started my packing yesterday for our trip to Minnesota tomorrow. I added to the piles as I thought of things. This morning I went through things and decided on one more shirt, but took out one sweater. This afternoon I actually packed things in my bag, and I have all the toiletries I'll use in the morning laid out, and ready to put in a plastic bag after I've showered and dressed. My jacket is even folded on top of my bag, and my computer bag and my purse are also ready and standing in line, waiting for me to grab them in the morning as we leave for the airport. It's 4:30 now, and I should be able to relax for most of the evening, unless I think of something else I need, or something I might need, or just something I could maybe in a month of Sundays need.

I just asked Ernie if he was packed. He said he'd do it in the morning. Dick and Bev are taking us to the airport at 7:30. I guess he won't have time to stress, worry, stew or fret about what he's taking along. He'll just throw things in his bag and go with it. And I'll have to worry about what he doesn't have or what he should have taken along, or what I wish he'd picked out. What I really wish is that I could be more like he is, but I'm not. I'm a worry wart.

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Betsy said...

Put that sweater back in. Currently we're in double digits below zero wind chill in Minnesota. See you tomorrow!