Sunday, December 23, 2007


Okay, I really need to get my packing done, but I love old pictures! Here are a couple more.....and then I'm off to the shower and then finish my packing. In 24 hours we are already on the plane (HOPEFULLY!) and on our way to Minnesota.

Quite the pose for a two year old. I sure am cute though!
Me and my daddy.......taken at the college where he later was the dean of the seminary and where he taught for many years, and the college where I later worked for 18 years. This was my first visit there. Who knew what the future held in store for me as I later went to high school and college there, met my husband there, and we both worked there!
The house I grew up in, out in the country, down in northeastern Iowa. I loved that house! On the right side you can faintly see one of the churches where my dad was pastor for over eleven years.

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