Monday, December 17, 2007


There are so many beautiful sights at this aquarium that it is hard to pick what to share with you. I really liked the different starfish, especially the bright orange one.

And this guy reminds me of one of those gold sunbursts that were popular wall decorations in the 1960's.
I also really like the jellies......this one especially.
And this special little guy, Shane, along with his dad Kevin, accompanied us today. Then we came back to our RV, and just hung out for the afternoon. My niece, Maren, came by after she got off work, and we had an easy dinner of brats and store bought potato salad. Dick and Bev came carrying an apple pie and ice cream to round out the meal.
We sure miss our grandkids after being with Shane for the day. It's so good to have little ones around. Thanks for coming to visit, Shane!

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