Thursday, December 06, 2007


This colorful display of poinsettias sits close to the entrance to Old Town. They look so Christmasy, and are of course growing outside. The temps are quite a bit higher than the zero to ten above temps that are expected back home this weekend. Don't worry, I'll enjoy these beautiful displays of flowers for you all!

Aren't these beautiful?
And these, too?
How about these?
Gotta love the bird of paradise!
These are so sweet and dainty looking.
And for a little more color, this is the interior of the restaurant where we had lunch today. MMMMM good!


Anonymous said...

We've been home a few weeks after our trip to pick up our new daughter in Guatemala. I have a similar photo of a Bird of Paradise growing in that gorgeous climate. Wish I were still enjoying the 70 degree weather there, rather than sitting in NW Iowa after an early out for the kids yesterday. But it's Iowa, so we'll wait a few days (months) for the weather to change. Our new eleven year old loves the snow, however. Saturday she was the first one out in all her snow gear and the last one to come back inside. Then she went back out to help her dad with a string of Christmas lights. We were both born in the wrong country.

Sage said...

Congratulations on your new daughter! I can just imagine how excited she is to play in the snow. Best wishes to you all as you begin your life journey together. What a wonderful Christmas present for all of you!

Paula said...

Just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. I love your pictures of the ocean and wish I was out in Ca. with you! It was -12 last night when I was driving home from my son's basketball game. UGH.

Molly said...

The pictures are beautiful again! Your blog site might get me through the winter. Happy Birthday...I hope you had a fun day.