Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today we were notified that we were able to move to a full hookups site, the high rent district. The spot we were in was only water and electricity. We now have sewer, too. The first site was in a circle. They have at least 4 circles where RV's just park front to back, all around in a circle, with the hookups all in the center of the circle, and your front yard a parking lot. Not great, but it was all that was available. This picture shows how close the RV's are to each other.
That is the guy behind us as seen out our back window. Nice view, uh? So we are now in the coveted neighborhood where you have a spot and your neighbors aren't within 20 or more feet of you. And it costs a buck a day more. And we have a palm tree! We're spoiled, uh?

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