Saturday, November 17, 2007


This was our destination, and we went down early enough to purchase tickets and hopefully get good seats at $20 off each. Didn't happen. The ticket agent said the promotion that the gal at the base ticket information office had spoken of was no longer being honored. Figures. So we took the cheapest seats, halfway back under the balcony so we couldn't see the chandelier clearly. Other than that, the seats were fine, we just didn't get the discount once again.

The picture above is how some people arrive at the Venetian. However, we drove down in Dick's big black truck and parked on the 7th floor of the parking ramp. Our spot was right next to the elevators, however, and we soon were walking down this painted gold ceilinged hallway patterned after the beauty of Venice and Rome.

The Venetian comes complete with gondolas, bothoutside.........

......and inside. The shops lining the canal were high end places, and we only peaked in the open doors, knowing full well that we couldn't afford a pair of socks from these clothing lines.

After walking around with our mouths hanging wide open, and filling those open mouths with a cheap burger and fries for our dinner, the time finally came for our long awaited show.

Naturally, there were no cameras allowed inside, so I could only take a picture of the entrance to the theatre. The show was wonderful, awesome, amazing, stupendous, beautiful, and incredible, all rolled into one, and with lots of exclamation points!!!!!!! I have never seen a big time professional performance before, and I was truly awed. The special effects were out of this world, as were the sets and costumes.

And the music was everything I expected, and more. Absolutely tops. My words cannot describe the experience, and I will never forget it. Can you tell that I loved our trip to Phantom? I only wish you all could have come with me, as you would have loved it too.

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FAScinated said...

Wow! These pictures are awesome but I'm sure they don't even begin to capture what you experienced! I'm so glad you splurged! ~Kari