Sunday, November 11, 2007


Bright and early on Thursday morning we locked up the RV and headed to the airport for our quick trip home to Minnesota. The highway was clear, no crowds yet for the OJ hearing, and we made it to the airport, found long term parking, and checked ourselves in and printed our boarding passes. The trip was uneventful, and we landed in less than three hours, ahead of the expected time. We hadn't checked any luggage, so it was a fast exit from the terminal and soon we had picked up our rental car and were on the way to Kevin and Molly's home. We were treated to a super meal and an evening of fun conversation. On Friday morning we went down town for breakfast, and then left for the wedding, 2 hours from there.

The wedding was very nice. Our godson, Dan, found a lovely gal in Jen, and they make a beautiful couple. At the reception we got to visit with my mom and sister, two other sisters and their husbands, my brother and his wife, who are the parents of the groom, an aunt, two cousins and a spouse, and nephews and nieces, in addition to other people we knew. It was a nice time and after our two hour drive back to Kevin's, we sneaked into the house after one, trying our best to be quiet so we wouldn't get in trouble for being so late.

This is the first dance for the new Mr and Mrs. As I said before, they are a beautiful couple and we wish them a long and happy life together. They are both very special people.

Another beautiful couple at the wedding were my mom and her sister, my aunt. My mom is in the bluish/purple outfit, and my aunt is in the patterned jacket. Don't they look nice? I was the flowergirl in my aunt's wedding, many, many years ago. My uncle is gone now, and we miss him so much. I always think of him on Veterans Day as he fought for our country in WWII.
Saturday morning after breakfast, Ernie asked if I wanted to make a fast run down to our hometown to see some of the kids! Of course I answered yes! We called Kari, asked her to call the others, and said we were treating at the hog trough (buffet) for anyone who could come at 11. We had Kari and Mike with Adam, Ben and Anna. Katie came with her Clayton. Tya came with Jaden and Madison. We had stopped on our way down and picked up Jacob and Caleb, so we had a large group. When we finished we went down to Kari's place for a little more visiting and Aaron and his girlfriend Anna came in. Before we left I called my mom and she had just gotten home from her trip to the wedding, so we stopped in to see her and my sister for a few minutes before heading back to Kevin and Molly's home. They treated us at Culver's before we left for the airport to fly back to Las Vegas. The trip back here was also uneventful, and we were back in our RV by midnight.

It was a quick but fun weekend. We saw all my siblings and their spouses, my mom, a son and a daughter and their spouses, a daughter-in-law, and eleven out of fifteen grandkids. So I've had a little grandkid fix and now should be able to make it until Christmas.

And this morning we had a phone call from the friends that we were expecting tomorrow. They had already arrived! So we spent the day with them and had them over for dinner and a game of Phase 10. Now we are tired and are heading to bed. It may take us a few days to recover from our wonderful whirlwind weekend, but it was totally worth it.


Linda B. said...

I'm so happy to hear you were able to visit more of your family during your short visit back home. Sounds like it couldn't have gone any better! The weather even cooperated!

Sage said...

And I thought of you as we drove past a sign for your town! It was good to see those that we did, and because I just booked flights, car, and motel for Christmas, we will be back in 6 weeks!