Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This site explains what I cannot explain. All I know is that there are 12 million lights and bazillions of decibels of noise that create this Fremont Street Experience. This is what we saw last night in downtown Las Vegas. What an experience! The light show is repeated every hour, each one being different. The canopy covered street is packed with people, kiosks are hawking everything from airbrushed tattoos to pictures of the young Elvis to luscious gellato from Italy. We watched a young man create absolutely fabulous paintings with spray paint! A pianist on a semi-truck bed provided music and three Chippendales were provocatively posing for photos with any woman who would pay the price! We had been told about this place, but I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. This small mid-west town gal walked around with her eyes popping out of her head and her mouth hanging wide open. WOW!

I took a few videos, a bit grainy, but I think you can get the effect.

We had gone down at dinner time, armed with our coupons for "buy one get one free" buffets. Guess what? We discovered that the coupons were not valid on a holiday. So, Ernie and Dick, two men who each gave twenty years of their life to the service of our country, and one of the veterans that Veterans Day was to honor, could not use their free buffet coupon. Quite ironic I thought. We did eat at a buffet though, paying full price. I was not impressed. Of course my allergies prevented me from eating the shrimp and crab legs. Maybe if I had been able to pig out on those items I would have liked it better.

Had we stayed downtown until 2 AM we could have watched the implosion of the Frontier, the second casino to be built on the strip and the place where Elvis first performed in Vegas. We, however, being old folks, headed home about 9:30 and opted to watch the implosion on morning TV. Again and again and again! Seems they trade off showing the big bang and the OJ stuff. BORING!

Here are a few more pictures of the Fremont Street Experience, including one of the paintings made with spray paint.

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Linda B. said...

That is so wrong! The least they could have done for the guys is give them and their dates a free meal, gosh. About 10 years ago I went to Vegas with some girlfriends and we stayed at the Plaza. I didn't get into the gambling either, but loved the lights and laying by the pool. The light show sure wasn't there then! Amazing what can be done.