Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I had just finished doing some laundry up at the camp laundromat and as I was walking back to the RV I saw the beautiful pink clouds off to the west. I had been watching the sky as the sun dropped behind the mountains in the distance, and it didn't look like there would be anything pretty to look at tonight. Then, about 3 minutes later, there were the pink clouds. I rushed into the RV, threw down the folded laundry, grabbed my camera, took the batteries out of the charger and quickly shoved them into the camera, and got back outside before it was over. I'm glad I did, as just a minute later it was completely gone.

In less than 12 hours we'll be up, quickly showering and taking off for the airport. The route we have to take is a main one in Vegas, and every day the TV morning news shows 3 and 4 lanes of traffic, each direction, standing still on the freeway. I am scared we'll get caught in that mess and then will be late arriving at the airport. And, the media has already warned us, the police will be closing down several streets tomorrow in anticipation of the crowds around the opening of the OJ stuff. Boy, would I be angry if OJ caused me to miss my flight! He should already be serving a life sentence and not be out on the streets causing traffic jams. IMHO.

So, in keeping with my already paranoid thinking about missing flights, we will leave extra early. We'll get to the airport and have some breakfast and I'll find a Starbucks. Then we will sit and wait for our flight to start boarding. And three hours later we'll be in Minnesota. Probably freezing.


Linda B. said...

Well, looks like God said "I'll show you Marge! I've got a few pretty clouds for you!"
I heard tomorrow is suppose to be fairly warm--in the 40's! Is that like 40 degrees less than you are used to now?

Sage said...

Linda, I think it was 85 today. We are bringing jackets!