Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today we went to Red Rock Canyon which is west of Las Vegas. The scenic drive through the canyon is 13 miles long, and it passes some interesting mountains. There is a light red, a dark red, a white, and a couple of hues of tan.
The hills aren't huge by any means; they are more like piles of rocks.
Here it seems like God painted a definite line to separate the red from the white.
When we first saw this climber, we weren't too sure if it was a male or a female. He/she was way up on this steep rock wall, putting in anchors and ropes. The hair was long, the build was kind of slight, and the body was shirtless. He/she was talking to a woman on the ground, and the voice wasn't definitely male or female. As the climber came back down and reached the bottom and turned around, we found out it was a male. Wasn't sure for awhile there!

Here you have white, tan, gray and red.
There is a pretty large valley in between the east and west sides of this canyon, and there are yucca and Joshua trees in addition to the sage and other small brush. There have been two fires in recent years, and much of the yucca are burned.
The sun was behind the mountains on the west and the shadows were growing larger and larger as we finished up the drive and left the park.
The view of some red rocks from the highway on our way back to town. These aren't my favorite kind of mountains, but they were interesting hills and piles of rocks.

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