Sunday, November 18, 2007


This was the bulletin today in church. And this is what I think it should look like outside during Thanksgiving week! However, we have a slightly different scene. Looking out the back window of the RV, I see an empty sandy lot, with dry scrubby bushes growing in it. East, North and West of us are bare brown hills, looking more like piles of construction dirt than mountains, and to the South are the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Runners in shorts and tank shirts are cruising around the path that surrounds this park, and there are flowers blooming in the little garden area. The Thanksgiving dinner, which will be held tomorrow afternoon, will be served outdoors around picnic tables; I hope we score a spot in the shelter so we will be in shade.

Ernie and I just went for a walk around the path, me in my ever present Tevas, and the temperature is 75 degrees. As I said, this is not my idea of Thanksgiving week weather, but we did have the church bulletin this morning to remind us of what it is supposed to look like. Enjoy your weather back in Minnesota!

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