Monday, November 19, 2007


This afternoon was the annual RV campground Thanksgiving dinner. The china was styrofoam plates and bowls, and the best silver was white plastic. Beverages were Sam's club sodas or H2O. There were no linen table cloths, nor did anyone have to spend hours dusting and vacuuming before the guests arrived.
The majority of the guests dined in the shelter, but we picked a table outside in the shade.
There was plenty of turkey, ham, potatoes, dressing, gravy, relishes, salads, several kinds of bean dishes, and many cakes and pies for dessert. Many folks volunteered to help, and the dinner went well. We had entertainment, too. A system borrowed from the youth center, and then the daughter of one of the workers, who, if I heard correctly, is semi-professional. She was very good.....kind of an Allison Krause voice. There is a garden in the middle of the park, full of different cactus (cacti?) and other heat hearty plants. Someone has placed some pumpkins in the garden, just to make it look like Thanksgiving I think.

So this was our first Thanksgiving dinner. On Thursday we will go to the dining hall on base for another meal. If I can't have my kids and grandkids around, I guess we'll go eat with the troops and let them know how thankful we are that they continue to keep our country safe. Thank you military!

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