Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Black Friday as the day after Thanksgiving is known in the retail world. And, nope, I am not going shopping. Not going anywhere near the malls, actually.

But, we are traveling today. We are leaving our spot here in Las Vegas and heading down towards Yuma. We'll stop along the way in Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge. After spending a few days in Yuma and then we are turning west and going to San Diego.

Unless I am forced, I don't plan to return to this city. It is just not my cup of tea, not a place where I feel comfortable living. Keep your warm temperatures, daily sunshine, bare ground and rocks, your restaurants, hotels, and casinos; keep your lights, noise, and crowds of people, and give me my trees and 4 seasons and my peace and solitude. I guess I'm just a small mid-west town gal.

We had a very nice day yesterday on Thanksgiving Day. We went over to the base and had dinner in the chow hall. We spent a long time talking to one gentleman, actually a two star general. He gave us a lot of information about this area that we had never known before and we thank him for stopping by our table to visit with us. It was very interesting to hear about his career in the Air Force and some of his experiences as a pilot. And the cheesecake I had for dessert was excellent! Better than any pumpkin pie! And the dressing was very moist and stuck together just as I like it. Nummmmmmmmy.

We talked with three of our kids, and with my sister and mother. The noise and commotion at my sister's place sounded wonderful. I could hear the murmur of conversations and the happy squeals of her little grandsons in the background. Actually, the three year old was singing the alphabet song. Thank you for those noises, Betsy. It made me feel right at home. And I smile every day at the emails I receive from granddaughter Jaden. These are the little things that help me make it through the lonesome parts of the day.

The best part of our day was spending it with our friends, Dick and Bev. We are so thankful to have dear friends to celebrate with!

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