Tuesday, November 06, 2007


We have received some really good news. Our friends, Dick and Bev, who traveled to the Maritimes with us this summer, will be joining us next Monday here in Las Vegas. We knew they were planning to go southwest (they live in Cheyenne) but we weren't exactly sure when and where we would hook up with them. We've exchanged several emails and phone calls, and are now expecting them to arrive on Monday sometime. Hey guys, I'll serve supper that night, okay?

We have waited to do a show down on The Strip until we knew when they were coming. I don't know if it is of interest to them or not, but we'll find out. We plan to see Phantom at the Venetian and hope they want to join us in the third tier, top row, cheap seats. We also have waited for them to do the big light show.

Their joining us means so much to me. It means that we won't be among strangers for Thanksgiving! We will have dear friends to spend the holiday with, and for this I am very thankful. The FamCamp here at Nellis AFB does have a dinner up in the shelter, with the camp itself furnishing the meat and the guests providing side dishes in a huge potluck meal, and that does sound like fun. For us Minnesota natives, just eating outside on Thanksgiving Day sounds like a novel idea, but to have friends here to join us will be more meaningful. The church we have attended since we've been here has a Thanksgiving Eve service, so we will attend that on Wednesday evening.

So things are looking up. I've gone through a tough time again, missing kids and grandkids so much. I have talked to six of the seven kids or their spouses in the last week, but have still been kind of down. Now in two days we fly to Minnesota and will see one kid and family, and my siblings and mom, so that makes me happy. And to have the knowledge that when we return here late Saturday night, I will only have about 36 hours until our friends will join us. Yup, things are improving. And I am thankful.

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