Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's starting to rain again, but the temperature is much better than it has been. However, the day was quite nice and we went on an adventure with our friends from Maryland. The sky was blue, as was the water, and the sand was snow white. We walked out on the pier and could see the bottom of the gulf all the way out to the end. It was very clear and looked so clean and refreshing. At the end of the pier I took a picture of this old man bundled up in a parka with the fur ruff around the hood. He also had a scarf around his neck, a heavy flannel shirt, and gloves on. He was fishing for something or another, but I wonder if he wasn't really just enjoying the sunshine after many days of clouds.

We then went to the nearby Navy base to eat lunch at their mess hall which I believe is called a galley? Anyhow, the charge was $7.25 per couple. The offerings were: fruits, macaroni salad, green salad with many choices of additional ingredients, soups, stir fry, brown rice, noodles, gravy, meatloaf, baked chicken, beets, and numerous kinds of cakes. The drink (soda, tea, milk, coffee etc) was included in the price. It was very good.

Then I spent the next two hours in the laundry room. Not a lot of fun, but it is nice to have all the clothes clean and folded. Guess it's time to put them all away and curl up with a good book and listen to the rain on the roof of the RV. Nite Nite.


Linda up north said...

Wow... I need to sit on this beach for about 3 days! Get some sun for me!
Linda (way up north)

Sage said...

Can't get any sun today, Linda. It's pouring rain and we are under a tornado watch. But you are welcome to come at any time. I'll furnish the beach chairs and the iced tea!