Friday, January 12, 2007


Today we went on a nice adventure to St. George Island State Park, about 70 miles south along the coast from where we are in Panama City. From the town of Apalachicola to Magnolia Bluff we took a highway/bridge across the Intercoastal Waterway.....a 5 mile long bridge! Then just a couple of miles further up we took another highway/bridge from Eastport to St. George Island. That one was only 4 1/2 miles long. The Island is a long narrow strip of sand dunes with a State Park on the far eastern end. We saw this cute bird standing on the sand and he didn't move when I took several pictures of him. The feathers on the front of his neck were long and loose, and they waved in the breeze and looked like a fluffy beard. Of course when I took a picture the breeze stopped!

The waves were quite active today. In fact there were warnings to be careful along the beach.

These homes, right on the beach, were strung out like this, right next to each other, for as far as the eye could see. I think they look like birdhouses!

As you can see, the weather was beautiful! I understand that most of our family is not having quite the same weather as we are. Did I hear something like 40 below wind chill in North Dakota? I'm sorry. (Not!)

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