Friday, January 12, 2007

100th POST

I tried to think of something really exciting for this, my 100th post, and this is what I came up with:


Sorry. I just had to do it after I heard all the below zero temperatures this morning on FOX News.


Anonymous said...

Nice of you to remind us!!!
I walked from the parking ot into the clinic and I thought I would freeze my nose and eyes!! It is miserable out there. We are not used to it either. Don't you want to come home for a reminder?

Sage said...

You're welcome Riky! Just thought you should know that we're in shorts and short sleeved shirts and on our way to check out 3 state parks and beaches. I'll post pictures later so you can pretend you were here, too. Maybe that will help?!?!

Anonymous said...

Boy, you know how to rub it in don't you. Well one more winter after this one and we will be somewhere warm also I ope. But that doesn't help us now or next year. But we can live vicariously through the two of you being you don't mind letting us know how nice it is--I wouldn't want to put you out!!!!! Riky

FAScinated said...

We are getting another 7-9 inches of snow tonight and it is cold! Brr! ~Kari

Linda up north said...

Well you sure know how to hit us where we live (so to speak!) It was -38 here in Embarrass this morning. Let's see... that's 113 degrees difference! YIKES!
Linda (way up north)

Anonymous said...

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