Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This huge downed tree was blocking the path when we took our walk yesterday. Hubby said it was gone today when he went down that path. I guess it was rotten in the middle, and during the heavy rains it just fell over.

To make up for all my whining about the humidity lately, I must write this blog about the beautiful weather we are having today. When I woke up this morning I knew immediately that something had changed. My arms were cold! I loved it! I went to the living room, wrapped up in the soft fluffy blanket that my grand daughter Katie gave me for Christmas, turned on FOX News, and cuddled in my chair. Hubby made coffee and oatmeal, and both tasted extra good on a cool morning.

Because I hate to sweat, I decided this was a good morning to clean the RV. I put on the new sheets I had bought with money my mom gave us for Christmas, and stuffed the comforter into the new duvet I bought with the gift card my dear friend Lisa gave me. The duvet is a rich chocolate brown and the sheets are a rich cream color. It really looks nice. I have a beautiful soft throw that I bought in the Amana colonies and that is the exact color of the creamy sheets, so I threw that across the bottom of the bed. I fluffed the cream and chocolate pillows and tossed them in place, and we have a brand new bedroom! The room is still only about 6 inches bigger than the bed, but it sure looks classy!

We had to get a few ingredients for the bean dish that I wanted to make for the Tuesday night pot luck tonight, so we ran to the commissary. It was already way after noon, so we also had a sandwich and a glass of water at the food court in the BX. I have opened the 6 cans of different beans, fried the bacon and hamburger, chopped the huge sweet onion, and mixed in the other ingredients and the beans are now bubbling away in the crockpot. NUMMY! The potluck is usually a lot of fun, although it isn't good for anyone who is trying to watch what they eat. Maybe I can fill half my plate with beans and then I won't have room for much else. Beans are healthy, right?

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