Sunday, January 07, 2007


It started raining again about the time we went to bed last night, and it poured all night long. This morning the rain stopped, but the fog was so thick that we could hardly see the water under the bridge on the way to church. The sun came out after church and heated all this water up, so the humidity rose with the temperatures. And now it's looking like the sky is going to open up and dump again any moment. Did I tell you before that I do not like humidity?

After church we went to the Olive Garden for a very cheap lunch. We both had the soup and salad and a glass of water for the total cost of $12.80. We had a gift card for $10 that my sister gave us for Christmas. So we had a very good lunch for $2.80. Thanks Lois! Oh, he did leave a tip, too, but it's still a cheap lunch.


Tatjana said...

Hi Marge and Erne
Happy New Year! I read your last few days on you blog and have to tell you that I am sorry I missed you. We were in the air at the same time. Actually we were on the ground the same time, waiting. We were in NC for Christmas with my mother and I planned to be home for the Rose parade on Jan. 1. The storm hit in minneapolis and the plane did not take off. Thankfully we had talked to our Chris and he said the weather in Mkto is so bad, I can't go to pick you up. We got a hotel in Minn. Good thing, because we were late, and the luggage was late, all in all we clinked water glasses (with water) at 12 and went to bed exhausted!
Chris taped the parade.
About your critter(s), buy the bad poison, comes in sticks. You wasted your money with the stikkum, they recognize it. I have yet to catch one with that. Every spring I feel like you when I open the camper after being in storage. I take one or two on vacation to CO sometimes. Come to think of it, the live trap boxes do a good job too.
Happy hunting.
Ever since you left the snow has been melting with above freezing temps. The weather is amazing.
Tomorrow back to the grind stone. You won't believe it, but I have a 7am class. This was not my idea, but the students wanted it, and that was the only time we could all meet. Oh well we'll see.
Our Adrian, Carrie and Matilda were here for the weekend, the little one is growing into a cutie. I have to figure out how to send you some pictures.
Enjoy Fl, hugs, Tatjana

Sage said...

Hi Tatjana,
We haven't had a single sign of the critter. I think he came in, walked around and pooped here and there, and because he found no food, he left. We've had eight traps set in the little space we have, they've been up a week now, and nothing. And no more poop. Believe me, I've searched high and low, but have found no evidence of anyone! Wow, a 7am class! Those kids must be dedicated! Send pictures to my email address. Love to see your pictures....we share that hobby.

Linda up north said...

Hello Marge
Thank you for the comments you left on my blog recently :) When we left Florida on Friday it was very cloudy, but by nightfall raining, and all the way to Savannah rained buckets and buckets, and continued to rain until we got to Madison, WI last night. I don't like humidity either, but I guess I would trade it for this cold, brown landscape back in Minnesota!
I love your blog... I am going to direct a friend to it, as she and her husband (a talented Lutheran minister/singer/songwriter) have recently purchased a 5th wheel and truck and are selling their house to take their ministry on the road full time.
God's Peace!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time to move to Arizona as it is nice and dry air--no humidity at all. We like it better than Florida anyway. Around Tempe or there abouts they have Air Force bases and air force museums and all sorts of stuff that could keep you busy for a long time. The summers are HOT but dry.