Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The leader of the senior exercise group here at Tyndall AFB reminds me so much of my dear friend Audrey. There is a pool table in the center of the room with folding chairs arranged in 3 rows of a half circle in front of it. On the table is a large sheet of plywood, with a folding chair on top of it. Off to the side is a music stand with the list of today's exercises, a bottle of water, a purple exercise elastic band, and front and center is Audrey's much older sister, microphone in front of her mouth.

"Put the band under your arms and around your back. Tighten your grip, put your feet shoulders apart, and we're going to punch to the count of 24! ONE, TWO, THREE, ETC....." She starts the counting out loud and everyone joins in. As they count she tells them about the latest article she read on nutrition, heart health, diabetes, exercise, and all things healthy, never breaking a sweat or getting out of breathe.

"Now give yourself a big hug. Doesn't that feel good? Everyone needs hugs, and who better to hug you than yourself! Now you can sit down and take a drink of water. Now put your left foot way out to the left side and your arms way off to the right. Feel the stretch? Isn't that great?" And on and on and on.

Off to the right is a table of older men, drinking their coffee and criticizing every move the exercisers make, actually saying they are doing it wrong! Way over to the left are three men hunched over a computer, either trying to make something work or installing the latest phone connection. Some of these guys are really computer geeks in a grandpa's body. And in the far corner is a 1000 piece puzzle spread out on the table with a couple of retirees bent over the pieces, trying to get the frame finished before lunch.

And up on the pool table it continues: "Put your right elbow into the crotch of your left elbow. Try to hold your hands and pull. Now stand and we'll do our three way leg stretch. Hold onto your chair, bring your back foot in and................................"

Love you Audrey! You will still look great up there at 72!

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