Friday, January 05, 2007


I knew there was a reason that I was dragging my feet about spending much time in Florida. It's called humidity. And I do not like it. Yesterday was really humid, but it wasn't too warm so I didn't complain too much. Then it warmed up and rained. All day today. Inches worth of rain. It finally stopped about 5 pm and we went for a walk, and it was awful. The humidity must still be about 90%. Wonder if hubby will let me turn on the air conditioning tonight? Probably not as he's wearing a sweat shirt.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Alaska!! Sorry but I don't feel sorry for you. Our high for today was -13! Imagine living in your home in that kind of weather!!! I wish we could come and visit you! I'm happy that you had a wonderful Christmas, even if it was a few days late. Tell DH that I'm so surprised that he had to get glasses. :)haha love to you, gail

Sage said...

My dear, I would take the -13 any day over this humidity! But you're right. The RV wouldn't be the place to live in those temperatures. Guess I could always live with my son in his tent! Love you too!