Thursday, January 25, 2007


Last night I felt like we were live participants in the game of "Where's Waldo?" as we drove around the town, back and forth on the same roads, for almost an hour, looking for a hamburger place. We have met a very nice couple from Maryland and after hearing scores of other retirees talk about the wonderful hamburgers at this place, the four of us decided to check it out. We went armed with directions to go down the Business branch of the highway, go past the stinky factory, and turn right by the two abandoned gas stations, and it would be right there in the right. We found tons of closed gas stations, but no two on the same corner. We finally stopped at an open gas station, hubby went in to ask, came out shaking his head, and approached several people in the parking lot for directions. A woman seemed to know what she was talking about, so we followed her suggestions. Go back to the regular highway, not the business branch, go to such and such a road, and turn left, and it was right there in the left. We couldn't find it and finally pulled into another gas station where our friend rolled down his window and asked a fellow who looked like he would frequent this joint we were looking for. He gave us other directions which involved going back in the direction we had come and turn at the second light after Wal-Mart and it was right there. Nope. Finally my friend and I went into a drug store there at that corner and asked for directions. The young clerk we were talking to took things into her own hands. She found the phone book, looked up the number and called them and asked directions from where we were. We got in the car and drove right to the place. It was one block off the very first road we were on!

We walked in, found out that we only had ten minutes to order, quickly did so and found a spot to sit. Our burgers came in just a couple of minutes. And they were nothing special.

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