Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hubby picked up his free government issue glasses yesterday and found that he can see again. So today we went and ordered a better looking pair. He wants me to tell you that he paid $239 for them, not the usual $1 at the Dollar Store.

Benefits of having glasses:

1. He can see the speedometor and read the other gauges on the dashboard.
2. He can read street signs, speed limit signs and highway number signs.
3. He can see the information printed on the remote buttons.
4. He can push one of those buttons and can read the information that shows up on the TV screen.

However, when he leans way back in his recliner, he can't see the TV screen very well through the bifocals. Such problems.


Riky said...

He has to tip his glasses down and look through the upper part of them if he is reclining and watching tv. In other words, wear them like the one dollar glasses

Sage said...

That's what he does. I told him just to sit upright for awhile! That would be different!