Thursday, February 01, 2007


I have finally finished my jacket. It was a lot of work! I don't know if you can tell or not, but all the patches are just sewed on the sweatshirt, leaving raw edges. As it ages and frays more and more, it's supposed to look cool. We'll see about that. Today my friend from Maryland and I went shopping for a little while, and we got the fabric and the sweatshirt to make the next jacket that the group here is making. The next one will be a little dressier. We start on that one next Wednesday. I am also working on a flannel quilt which is made with 20 different fat quarters. It's called Turning Twenty, and is made with pretty large pieces, so it won't take too long.

The rain is still pouring down, but I believe they have cancelled the tornado watch for this area. The temperature here is in the low 60's while just north it's in the 40's and just south it's in the 80's! No wonder there are storm warnings.


Molly said...

It looks great...what fun! We are just waiting for the temperatures to drop more...18 below zero coming our way! Can't wait.

FAScinated said...

I love the jacket! You are going to look so cool wearing that!

And Molly's right...we're freezing our tushies off here. Brrr. ~Kari

Riky said...

I have done some turning 20's and they are fun. Just turn things around a little and each one comes out different. Another one that is fun and easy is Minnesota hotdish. I made one out of pastels for Chloe and it turned out really cute for her room. Your jacket looks good!!

Riky said...

I plan on quilting this whole week coming up because it is going to be way to cold to go anywhere!! I started taking aplique lessons so now we are appliqing a whole quilt by hand.It is fun but it sure takes a long time. It is called Birds of a Feather. I will still have to have it quilted after my hand work is done. By that time I know I won't feel like doing it!!! I have plenty of projects put away for retirement and hope to get them done (if I live to be 100)