Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The drug stores in the area must be making a ton of money in the past week or so, as just about everyone I've talked to has the crud. I started on Saturday with the cough and sore throat, and by evening I also had a horrible headache along with upper chest tightness. I did almost nothing on Sunday, and on Monday I added the runny nose to the list of complaints. Yesterday I could finally breathe a little, and today I feel much better. There are seven of us up here at the rec center discussing this latest crud and comparing symptoms. I call it the Florida Crud and blame it on the humidity growing fungus in the lungs. I made use of the time locked up in the RV by sewing together some quilt blocks, but I am ready to get back to real living again. We plan to go to Lenten services and the pot luck at church tonight. Hope that you all are healthier than those of us down here in the warmth of Florida. And it was warm yesterday....78 I believe. By the way, have fun with your latest blizzard!

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Linda up north said...

I am back in Minnesota as of yesterday morning... anticipating the blizzard that begins tonight and missing FLORIDA! You had some great weather last week and I had the best time! Maybe next year I will make a point to look you up!
God's Peace as you contemplate all He has done for you this Lenten season...