Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I came up here to the rec center with hopes to post about hubby meeting an old friend at church and about our fun day on Thursday. I opened my laptop and turned it on and saw what I didn't want to see. My screen was blown up! Just crackley lines and runs all over the screen. HELP! I NEED my computer. I was beyond upset. After a quick supper we headed off to Best Buy where I had them look up my date of purchase and whether it was still covered. When I bought the computer I had gone against hubby's wishes and I had purchased the extended warrenty. Guess what! It was good until July 31 of this year! So the screen is 100% covered. Only problem is that they don't have it there and they needed to send the computer in to the company to repair it. Takes at least two weeks. We were planning on leaving next weekend.....our spot time is up next week Sunday. We decided we would have to stay until it was repaired. Then the Geek asks "is there anything important on here?" HELLO? World to Geek.......I don't play games on here like you do. Yes, I have important stuff on my computer. Like my life! And over 5000 pictures. And over 1500 of those are from my once in a lifetime trip to Italy. Yes, there is important stuff on here! He says he only asked because sometimes when they install a new screen it wipes the hard drive. "But," he continued. "for only $99 we can back up your hard drive and you'll be fine." Well, what do you say then? Of course you pay the $99 to back it up! So, now we sit and wait for two weeks at least. And in the meantime I have to use hubby's laptop that doesn't agree with me very well.

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I had the same thing happen to me last fall and I too had bought the"extended" guarantee. I also paid the $99 for them to back it up. Now I have an external hard drive that I can back up everything....for the same price. But this lasts "forever" whatever that is! Just to let you know, when you go in, they will give you a disk that has your entire desk top on it. You'll have to figure out what you need and what you don't ?????????? Unless you want to pay them X dollars for them to reinstall everything. I happened to get a "good geek" who brought me up a stool and said you can reinstall everything yourself and I'll help you. It will take an hour or so. Its all a racket!!

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